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Wdg::Painter::DS_Slider_Painter_Basic Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Wdg::Painter::DS_Slider_Painter_Basic:
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Collaboration diagram for Wdg::Painter::DS_Slider_Painter_Basic:
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Public Member Functions

const QPalette & cpal () const
QRect irect () const
QRectF irectf () const
const QSize & is () const
int paint_pixmaps (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n, unsigned int image_type_n)
QPainter * painter () const
const Shared_Pixmaps_Set_Metapm_meta () const
const DS_Slider_Pixmaps_Meta_Bgpm_meta_bg () const
pm_meta_handle () const
pm_meta_marker () const
void set_current_palette (const QPalette &palette_n)
void set_is (const QSize &size_n)
void set_painter (QPainter *painter_n)
void set_tick_min_dist (int delta_n)
int tick_min_dist () const

Protected Member Functions

void calc_ticks ()
bool has_focus () const
bool has_weak_focus () const
bool is_down () const
bool mouse_over () const
int paint_bg (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n)
 Paints background images.
void paint_bg_area ()
void paint_bg_area_deco ()
void paint_bg_base ()
void paint_bg_frame ()
void paint_bg_frame_deco ()
void paint_bg_tick (qreal tick_pos_n, qreal tick_width_n, const QColor &col_n)
void paint_bg_ticks ()
void paint_bg_type (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n, int pixmap_idx_n)
int paint_handle (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n)
 Paints handle images.
void paint_handle_area ()
void paint_handle_frame ()
void paint_handle_items ()
void paint_handle_type (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n, int pixmap_idx_n)
int paint_marker (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n)
 Paints marker images.
void paint_marker_current ()
void paint_marker_hint ()
void paint_marker_type (Shared_Pixmaps_Set *spms_n, int img_idx_n)
void set_has_focus (bool flag_n)
void set_has_weak_focus (bool flag_n)
void set_is_down (bool flag_n)
void set_mouse_over (bool flag_n)

Private Attributes

int _bevel
int _bw
int _ew
QImage _img_base
int _tick_width [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file ds_slider_painter_basic.hpp.

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