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Wdg::Equal_Columns_Layout Class Reference

Equal_Columns_Layout. More...

#include <equal_columns_layout.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

const Equal_Columns_Layout_Groupactive_group (unsigned int idx_n) const
int add_group_item (QLayoutItem *item_n, unsigned int group_idx_n, unsigned int column_idx_n, unsigned int row_idx_n)
int add_group_widget (QWidget *wdg_n, unsigned int group_idx, unsigned int column_idx, unsigned int row_idx_n)
void addItem (QLayoutItem *item_n)
unsigned int all_rows_height () const
void calc_column_widths (unsigned int width_n)
void calc_columns_sizes (unsigned int area_width_n, unsigned int area_height_n)
 update_cache should be called before this once
void calc_row_heights (unsigned int height_n)
unsigned int col_type_width (unsigned int type_n)
int count () const
 Equal_Columns_Layout (QWidget *parent_n=0)
const Equal_Columns_Layout_Groupgroup (unsigned int idx_n) const
void invalidate ()
QLayoutItem * itemAt (int index_n) const
QSize minimumSize () const
unsigned int num_active_groups () const
unsigned int num_groups () const
unsigned int num_rows () const
unsigned int row_height (unsigned int idx_n) const
unsigned int row_min_height (unsigned int idx_n) const
unsigned int row_pos (unsigned int idx_n) const
void set_geometries (const QRect &crect_n)
void set_geometry_row (const QRect &row_rect_n, const Equal_Columns_Layout_Group *grp_n, const Equal_Columns_Layout_Column *col_n, const Equal_Columns_Layout_Row *row_n)
void set_row_height (unsigned int row_idx_n, unsigned int height_n)
void setGeometry (const QRect &rect_n)
QSize sizeHint () const
unsigned int smallest_column_dist () const
unsigned int smallest_group_dist () const
int spacing_vertical () const
QLayoutItem * takeAt (int index_n)
void update_cache ()
void update_cache_const () const

Protected Member Functions

unsigned int minor_spacing_max_width (unsigned int major_sp_width_n) const
void remove_empty_groups_at_back ()

Private Attributes

bool _cache_dirty
unsigned int _col_max_widths [4]
unsigned int _col_type_count [4]
unsigned int _col_type_min_widths [4]
unsigned int _col_type_weights [4]
unsigned int _col_widths [4]
< Equal_Columns_Layout_Group * > 
< Equal_Columns_Layout_Group * > 
< Equal_Columns_Layout_Index * > 
unsigned int _mass_change
QList< unsigned int > _row_heights
QList< unsigned int > _row_min_heights
QList< unsigned int > _row_stretch
unsigned int _rows_active
unsigned int _smallest_column_dist
unsigned int _smallest_group_dist
int _spacing_vertical

Detailed Description


Definition at line 40 of file equal_columns_layout.hpp.

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