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QSnd::Snd_Mixer_Simple Class Reference

Snd_Mixer_Simple. More...

#include <snd_mixer_simple.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for QSnd::Snd_Mixer_Simple:
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Public Slots

void request_reload ()


void sig_mixer_reload_request ()

Public Member Functions

void close ()
const Snd_Mixer_Simple_Elemelem (unsigned int idx_n) const
Snd_Mixer_Simple_Elemelem (unsigned int idx_n)
const QString & err_func () const
const QString & err_message () const
bool event (QEvent *event_n)
bool is_open () const
unsigned int num_elems () const
int open (const QString &dev_name_n)
snd_hctl_t * snd_hctl ()
snd_mixer_t * snd_mixer ()
 Snd_Mixer_Simple (QObject *parent_n=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static int alsa_callback_mixer (snd_mixer_t *snd_mixer_n, unsigned int mask_n, snd_mixer_elem_t *)

Protected Slots

void socket_event (int socket_id)

Protected Member Functions

void append_mixer_elem (Snd_Mixer_Simple_Elem *mx_elem_n)
void clear_mixer_elems ()
Snd_Mixer_Simple_Elemcreate_mixer_elem (snd_mixer_elem_t *elem_n)
virtual int create_mixer_elems ()
int create_socket_notifiers ()
int filter_mixer_elem (snd_mixer_elem_t *elem_n)
 Filters elements from beeing used.
void set_socked_notifiers_enabled (bool flag_n)
void signalize_all_changes ()

Private Attributes

QString _err_func
QString _err_message
QList< Snd_Mixer_Simple_Elem * > _mixer_elems
std::vector< pollfd > _pollfds
bool _reload_requested
snd_hctl_t * _snd_hctl
snd_mixer_t * _snd_mixer
QList< QSocketNotifier * > _socket_notifiers
bool _update_requested

Detailed Description


Brings Qt and ALSA objects together but without any GUI objects

Definition at line 35 of file snd_mixer_simple.hpp.

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