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QSnd::Mixer_Sliders Class Reference

Mixer_Sliders. More...

#include <mixer_sliders.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool event (QEvent *event_n)
const Simple_Mixer_Settingsmixer_settings ()
Snd_Mixer_Simplemixer_simple () const
 Mixer_Sliders (QWidget *parent_n=0)
const Mixer_Stylemixer_style () const
unsigned int num_visible () const
 Number of visualized proxies groups.
void set_mixer_settings (const Simple_Mixer_Settings &cfg_n)
void set_mixer_simple (Snd_Mixer_Simple *mixer_n)
void set_mixer_style (const Mixer_Style *mstyle_n)
void set_wheel_degrees (unsigned int degrees_n)
Wdg::Sliders_Padsliders_pad ()
unsigned int wheel_degrees () const

Protected Slots

void action_level_volumes ()
void action_toggle_joined ()
void action_toggle_mute ()
void context_menu_cleanup_behind ()
void update_focus_proxies ()

Protected Member Functions

void acquire_ui_state (Mixer_State &state_n)
void clear_proxies_groups ()
bool context_menu_start (const QPoint &pos_n)
unsigned int context_menu_update ()
bool create_proxies_group (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n, unsigned int channel_idx_n)
void create_proxies_groups ()
bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event)
Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Groupfind_visible_proxy (const Mixer_State_Proxy &prox_id_n)
void join_proxies_group (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n)
const Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Groupproxies_group_visible (unsigned int idx_n) const
 Convenience method that does a static cast.
Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Groupproxies_group_visible (unsigned int idx_n)
 Convenience method that does a static cast.
void rebuild_visible_proxies_list ()
void restore_ui_state (const Mixer_State &state_n)
void separate_proxies_group (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n)
void separate_where_requested ()
void setup_proxies_group_joined (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n)
void setup_proxies_group_separate (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n)
bool should_be_visible (const Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n) const
void show_visible_proxies_sets (bool flag_n)
void toggle_joined_separated (Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group *mspg_n)

Private Attributes

QAction _act_level_volumes
< Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group
unsigned int _act_proxy_column
QAction _act_separator_channels
QString _act_str_mute [2]
QString _act_str_toggle_joined [2]
QString _act_str_toggle_mute
QString _act_str_unmute [2]
QAction _act_toggle_joined
QAction _act_toggle_mute
QMenu _cmenu
< Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group
unsigned int _focus_proxy_column
QIcon _icon_muted
QIcon _icon_vol_high
QIcon _icon_vol_med
const Mixer_Style_mixer_style
Mixer_Sliders_Proxies_Group_List _proxies_groups
Wdg::Sliders_Pad_Proxies_Group_List _proxies_groups_visible
bool _separation_requested
Simple_Mixer_Settings _settings
Wdg::Scroll_Area_Horizontal _sliders_area
Wdg::Sliders_Pad _sliders_pad
QString _ttip_slider [2]
QString _ttip_switch [2]
unsigned int _wheel_degrees

Detailed Description


Definition at line 39 of file mixer_sliders.hpp.

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