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Main_View_Mixer_Simple Class Reference

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Public Slots

void apply_settings ()
void reload ()
void reload_delayed ()
void show_capture (bool flag_n)
void show_playback (bool flag_n)
void show_slider_value_widget ()
void show_streams (unsigned int mode_n)
void stream_action_changed (QAction *act_n)


void sig_settings_changed ()

Public Member Functions

void acquire_context_actions (QList< QAction * > &lst_n)
 Should add actions to the list argument The actions will be displayed in the context menu.
void acquire_menu_actions (QList< QAction * > &lst_n)
 Should add actions to the list argument The actions will be displayed in the top menu.
void acquire_toolbar_actions (QList< QAction * > &lst_n)
 Should add actions to the list argument The actions will be displayed in the mixer toolbar.
QSnd::Snd_Control_Addresscurrent_ctl ()
bool event (QEvent *event_n)
QStackedLayout * lay_stack () const
 Main_View_Mixer_Simple (Mixer_Settings &settings_n, QSnd::Snd_Control_Address &ctl_n, QWidget *parent_n=0)
Message_Widgetmessage_wdg ()
 The message widget is mostly used for error messages.
void set_mixer_style (QSnd::Mixer_Style *mstyle_n)

Protected Slots

void footer_label_selected (unsigned int group_idx_n, unsigned int column_idx_n)

Protected Member Functions

void create_check_actions (QActionGroup *act_grp_n)
void create_select_actions (QActionGroup *act_grp_n)
void hideEvent (QHideEvent *event_n)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *event_n)
unsigned int stream_mode () const
void update_mixer_visibility ()

Private Attributes

QIcon _act_check_icon [2]
QString _act_check_text [2]
QString _act_check_ttip [2]
QActionGroup _act_grp_cmenu
QActionGroup _act_grp_menu
QActionGroup _act_grp_toolbar
QString _act_select_text [3]
QString _act_select_ttip [3]
QSnd::Mixer_Sliders _mixer_sliders
QSplitter _mixer_split
QSnd::Mixer_Switches _mixer_switches
QSnd::Snd_Mixer_Simple _qsnd_mixer
unsigned int _status_column_idx
unsigned int _status_group_idx
< QSnd::Mixer_Sliders_Status_Widget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file main_view_mixer_simple.hpp.

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