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Main_Mixer_Window Class Reference

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Public Slots

void adjust_dialog_size (QWidget *dialog_n, unsigned int numerator_n, unsigned int denominator_n)
void force_close ()
bool minimize_to_tray ()
void parse_message (QString msg_n)
void raise_from_tray ()
void refresh_data ()
void save_settings ()
void select_ctl_from_side_iface ()
void select_view_control_info ()
void select_view_element_mixer ()
void select_view_simple_mixer ()
void select_view_type (unsigned int type_n)
void select_view_type_int (int type_n)
void set_fullscreen (bool flag_n)
void show_device_selection (bool flag_n)
void show_dialog_alsa_config ()
void show_dialog_info ()
void show_dialog_settings ()
void show_mixer_controls (bool flag_n)
void show_view_type_selection (bool flag_n)
void silent_close ()
void toggle_device_selection ()
void toggle_mixer_controls ()
void toggle_view_type_selection ()


void sig_full_close ()

Public Member Functions

const QSnd::Snd_Control_Addresscurrent_ctl () const
void enter_setup_stage ()
bool eventFilter (QObject *obj_n, QEvent *event_n)
void finish_setup_stage ()
bool is_minimized_in_tray () const
 Main_Mixer_Window (QWidget *parent_n=0, Qt::WindowFlags flags_n=0)
Mini_Mixermini_mixer ()
unsigned int num_view_types () const
void select_ctl (const QSnd::Snd_Control_Address &ctl_n)
void select_default_ctl ()
const Mixer_Settingssettings () const
bool setup_stage () const
unsigned int view_type () const

Protected Slots

void settings_changed_mini_mixer ()
void settings_changed_mixer ()
void settings_changed_tray ()
void tray_icon_activation ()
void view_type_action_triggered (QAction *act_n)

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *event_n)
void clear_view ()
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event_n)
void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event_n)
void create_view ()
void init_docks ()
void init_menus ()
void init_mini_mixer ()
void init_toolbars ()
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event_n)
void reload_mini_mixer ()
void update_fullscreen_action ()
void update_settings_dialog ()
void update_visibility_toolbars ()
void update_visibility_tray_icon ()

Private Attributes

QAction * _act_alsa_cfg
QAction * _act_fullscreen
QAction * _act_fullscreen_tbar
QActionGroup * _act_grp_menu_vtype
QActionGroup * _act_grp_tbar_vtype
QAction * _act_show_device
QAction * _act_show_mixer_bar
QAction * _act_show_vtype_bar
QPointer< QMenu > _context_menu
QSnd::Snd_Control_Address _current_ctl
QPointer< QWidget > _dialog_alsa_config
QPointer< QWidget > _dialog_info
QPointer< Dialog_Settings_dialog_settings
bool _force_close
bool _fully_closed
QIcon _icons_vtype [3]
bool _is_minimized_in_tray
QKeySequence _key_seq_device
QKeySequence _key_seq_mixer
QKeySequence _key_seq_vtype
QMenu * _menu_mixer
Mini_Mixer _mini_mixer
QSnd::Mixer_Style _mixer_style
bool _selecting_ctl
Mixer_Settings _settings
bool _setup_stage
bool _silent_close
QString _view_names [_num_view_types]
unsigned int _view_type
QWidget _wdg_view

Static Private Attributes

static const unsigned int _num_view_types = 3

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file main_mixer_window.hpp.

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